Always interested in politics and history, I started volunteering for conservative political campaigns when I was sixteen, volunteering in six campaigns and two constituency boards. I was most recently part of the team that won two successive elections in High River.

Born in St. Albert, Alberta, I was raised in Cranbrook, BC. I moved to Kelowna as a young man. My wife and I had a UPS Store franchise. Investing many long, hard hours we increased sales throughout 2007-2010 and had an opportunity to sell.

During that time I was also pursuing and completing my BA and then MA in Political Science. Seven years ago, my wife and I decided to make this province our home to be part of the Alberta Advantage. We started our family and are now the happy parents of three wonderful kids.

At Canada Post I helped to restore proper mail service to High River after the flood.

Dedicated to lower taxes, less waste and accountable government, I’ve spent the past three years working in the constituency for The Canadian Taxpayers Federation. During this time, I met many ranchers, farmers, seniors, small and large business owners and residents from all walks of life. They are hard working, decent people who make this riding what it is. I saw and experienced firsthand the desolation of the carbon levy and business tax increases, listened to the frustrations of farmers with Bill 6, and the never ending fight to be heard by government.

To earn the nomination of the United Conservative Party,  I have been working hard to earn your respect and support. From knocking on thousands of doors throughout Livingstone-Macleod, to attending and hosting community events, I have been listening to your concerns about what impacts you the most.

I will tirelessly bring a new and engaging conservatism to Livingstone-Macleod. I believe it must be a conservatism based on the grassroots of the movement, one that actually incorporates citizens in the legislative process.

If you share my vision, I’m asking for your vote.